Tahir Academy: The Home of Atfal & Nasirat

Tahir Academy kids

Tahir Academy is the home of Atfal and Nasirat. It’s a Sunday school for children between the ages of 5 and 15. We want Ahmadi children to be role models, not followers, among their peers. This is possible once children are capable to defend their faith with argument and logic.

Here are its key areas of focus:

  1. Purpose of creation of life and the tools required to achieve this purpose.
  2. Understand the rights of Almighty God and the rights of human beings.
  3. Understand purpose of religion and why there are so many religions in the world. Focus on Islamic history and revival of Islam through Promised Messiah (as)
  4. How to live a balanced life as law abiding citizens of the country and the world at large.

If you have any questions, read the answers to our frequently asked questions here (PDF). Not answered there? Ask on our forums. You can find out more about Tahir Academy from the Jama’ats where the education model has been implemented, including Los Angeles, Baltimore and New York. We’ve compiled some of the resources they’ve used here, and you can find their responses to our survey here.

Please particularly note our online form to submit annual budgets and funding requests.

Resources for Organizers:

The administrator of LA’s Tahir Academy, Iqbal Rana Sahib, explained about the administrative and staff structure of the children’s Sunday school below.

Watch as students at Tahir Academy Baltimore explain why they like the new Sunday school system.

See Tahir Academy Baltimore’s recent trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

See survey results from each of the 10 Jama’ats where Tahir Academy has been implemented.


8 thoughts on “Tahir Academy: The Home of Atfal & Nasirat

  1. We welcome Tahir Academy with full zeal and zest. May Allah enable us to go forward for this blessed scheme. Amin.

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