There is no “About Us” because this site is about you. According to Islam, our primary objective on earth is to worship God.  That’s all.

Spiritual Fitness is designed as a self-serve platform to help us all improve our spirituality and put us in the best position to achieve our objective.  In a similar approach to working out in a gym to become physically fit, improving spirituality is not an overnight phenomenon. It requires a long-term commitment to understanding the teachings of Islam, following the directives of Khalifatul Masih, and ensuring that our deeds align with our noble intentions.

Why Spiritual Fitness?

One of the worst feelings in the world is walking into an exam having done little or no preparation.  If you have ever experienced this feeling of trepidation, why would you even consider putting yourself in this position for the ultimate final exam: The Day of Judgment?

Regarding the Day of Judgment, God states, “Verily We will give life to the dead, and We record all that they send before and that they leave behind, and We have taken account of all things in a clear Book [of evidence].” (36:12). The Quran explains further:  “And every soul will be paid in full for its deeds, and He knows best all that they do.” (39:70).  

In the Philosophy of Teachings of Islam, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (AS), The Promised Messiah and Promised Reformer of Islam, describes the condition of some individuals that have attained a high station in heaven.  He explains that their spiritual light is so strong but they will perceive their light as being imperfect and will constantly strive for a higher stage.  Once they reach this new stage, they will again perceive their light as being inferior and will supplicate even harder for the attainment of the next stage.  If this is the mentality of the elite believing man and believing woman, then you and I simply have our work cut-out for us. This is something to be selfish about…my selfish pursuit of heaven.

Watch National Tarbiyat Secretary Faheem Younus explain the Spiritual Fitness program at Jalsa U.S. 2013, where the program was launched.

Our Team

Email the Tarbiyat Team at spiritual.fitness@ahmadiyya.us, or tweet us at @spiritualfit.

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