How the National Tarbiyat Department Can Help You

We promise that the National Tarbiyat Department will promote and facilitate spiritual, and recreational activities at the mosque. We also promise to provide the local secretaries which resources and “how to” guides on challenging subjects.

Here is a list of topic approved by the headquarters for implementation at the local level.

Daily Projects

Spiritual Fitness Forums – A popular and high energy endeavor! We recorded over 100,000 page views during the first six months and these forums are constantly growing with new user enrollments. Check them out.

@SpiritualFit Twitter – Interacting with thousands of Ahmadis in real time (~1000 followers).

Spiritual Website – Our information hub recorded over 200,000 views during the first year.

Weekly Projects

Sending summary of Friday Sermon – every Friday, summary of Huzoor’s sermon is sent to all Presidents, Missionaries and Tarbiyat Secretaries for local dissemination. Please share it with your members.

Friday Sermon Action items – Our team creates “action items” from the Friday Sermon which are also shared with the above group and archived on

Spiritual Fitness newsletter – Our e-newsletter is emailed to over 6000 members twice a month.

Monthly Projects

Ramadan Spiritual Fitness Challenge – June: Created and distributed 1800 fridge magnets to launch the Ramadan Spiritual Fitness Challenge. Another 450 + magnets were downloaded from our website. This year, we provided Jamaat specific Ramadan calendars with Salat timings and the SF challenge.

Jalsa Salana Drive – July: Our youth created a spiritual buzz with their “Before next Jalsa…” drive at Jalsa Salana. They engaged hundreds of people with wall posters and writing boards to capture their spiritual fitness goals on a YouTube video. 
Spiritual Fitness Camps – June to August: Teaching Islamic etiquettes and tackling issues like marriage are at the core of our hugely popular Spiritual Fitness camps organized in approximately 20 locations, benefiting nearly 40 Jamaats and over 700 students.

Animal Sacrifice – October: An annual drive to resurrect the dying Islamic obligation of sacrificing an animal at Eid- -ul-Adhiya resulting in nearly fivefold increase in the number of animals sacrificed in 2014.

Salat Centers – September to December: We launched a 100-day long effort to establish over 220 Salat Centers nationwide. This is an annual campaign and we are committed to sustaining this effort.

Intense follow up of Shura Recommendations – January and February: Specifically during these two months, we do a detailed assessment of the implementation status of the recommendations of Tarbiyat subcommittee.

Zakat Drive – March: Provided FAQs and Friday sermon material on the topic of zakat.

Presentations – February to May: We create interactive presentations for commemorative days like Masih Maud (as) Day, Musleh Maud Day, Khilafat Day, Seerat un Nabi Day and circulate them among the Presidents for use in local events.

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