Email the Tarbiyat team at, or tweet us at @spiritualfit.

Need to get in touch with your local Tarbiyat secretary? Contact information is available here.

Find salat centers across the country here.

FYQJan09FAHEEM YOUNUS QURESHI is National Tarbiyat SecretaryFind out more about him on his site, Muslimerican.

Email him with any comments at

Follow him on Twitter here.

imam hammad

IMAM HAMMAD AHMAD is the Tarbiyyat Team’s resident missionary. Imam Hammad was born in Sierra Leone and raised in Toronto. After graduating from Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada in 2011, he has served in Vancouver and Winnipeg in Canada; Rabwah, Pakistan; and in Buvuunya, Uganda. Find his future blog posts for Pursuit of Heaven here. He tweets regularly on our Twitter with the signature -HA.

riyaz muhammad bio

RIYAZ MUHAMMAD lives in Dallas. Originally from India, he moved to the U.S. six years ago. Riyaz strives to improve his own spiritual fitness through working for the national department, while praying that it is helping others achieve their own goals too. He coordinates the Salat Center drive that the Tarbiyat department launched in Sept. 2013. He can be reached via email, or via phone at  (972) 5108907. He tweets @riyaz_.

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