We asked all the participants of this year’s local Spiritual Fitness Camps to answer a few questions for us, so we could gauge the effectiveness and response to each camp.

The youth have spoken and the results are in! We’ve shown one highlight from each Jama’at’s survey, plus a link to see the full results. We’re making all the responses publicly available so we can all collectively learn from them and develop a better program next year, insha’Allah.

LA East:

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 8.24.21 PM

Like in many of the camps, LA East’s youth rated the teachers as alright.

Central Jersey:

central jersey

While the youth agreed the teachers were great, they wished the Jama’at had started promoting the event earlier. One participant wrote, “This was a very good program, but it felt very short and it should be a week long program.”


bmore 1

The biggest improvement necessary? Better organization and logistical arrangements.



“The camp helps bring together the Atfal and Khuddam and foster a sense of love,” commented one youth. Dallas, like Virginia, requested more sports and recreational activities.



Kansas City:

kansas city sf camp

That’s one improvement that we can make, right off the bat.


chicago sf camp results

Survey results in Chicago tended to be more evenly distributed.


detroit sf camp results


connecticut sf camp results

Like most of the camps, Connecticut’s scored very highly as far as the quality of teachers and classes.

For the full results for each camp: Baltimore / Central Jersey / Chicago / Connecticut / Detroit / Dallas / Kansas City /  LA East / Virginia

If you attended a camp and didn’t fill out a survey, find your camp: Dallas / Detroit / Connecticut / Baltimore / LA East / New York / Central Jersey / Kansas City / Minneapolis / Virginia /Milwaukee / Chicago / York


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