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3 thoughts on “Newsletter

    1. We’re assuming you’re asking about Hudhur (aba)’s comments from this Waqfenau class. A very, very rough translation follows (and please forgive us for any mistakes):

      “The Jama’at did not ban Facebook. I just made a statement in my Khutba that Facebook has many hazards and troubles, and few real benefits. Therefore our youth should be careful, particularly those who do not have the knowledge and awareness of how to limit exposure on Facebook and may become trapped in it. Our girls especially have fallen prey. Alislam has its own Facebook page created just for the purpose of tabligh (propagation). How could we ban it and then open an official Jama’at Facebook page? So we didn’t ban it, we just said those who use it should make sure that they are aware of how to use it appropriately, and use it only for practical purposes, not so that you use it frequently for enjoyment. I mean, my work gets done without Facebook – if yours don’t get done without it, then use it. But first set up a purpose and some limits for your use; the person who made Facebook doesn’t want you to have limits in using it, he wants you to expose yourself completely to the world.”

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