Tarbiyat Plan 2020

Here is the short list of activities a Tarbiyat Secretary must perform during the year

AttachEstablish personal relationships
Connect with members, call them, help them (Holy Qur’an 2:261)
Work closely with your Sadr, Missionary, Amila and Auxiliary heads
Needed now more than ever
Shura ImplementationJumu’a drive: Jumu’a at home
Share Jumu’ah Khutba sent from National team to all the homes
Check with members if they need help getting started with Jumu’a at home
Lock down will not lock us out
SalatPromote Congregational Salat at home
During the season of pandemic when Mosques are not open, help members build the habit of congregational prayers at home
Make every home a Salat Center
Sermons /
Share Friday Sermons with members
Find ways to increase MTA viewership in your Jamā’at
Don’t let social distancing keep us afar from Khilafat
Islahi CommitteeVirtual Local Islahi Committee once every two months
Address issues, not individuals; Work together, not in silos
Sniff out social ailments well before they become manifest illnesses 
What a better time to talk prevention
Tahir AcademyEstablish Tahir Academy if your Jamā’at has more than 10 boys and girls
Support Local Tahir Academy local administration
Spiritual Fitness CampVirtual Spiritual Fitness Camp for members 7-18 years age
Interactive, hands-on learning format
Will be organized by National Tarbiyat Department
Keep them spiritually and physically healthy