Promised Messiah (as): “Fidya gives one the ability to fast. One should ask Allah for everything. If one cannot fast, he should pray that I am being deprived of blessings and I might not have the opportunity again to fast or to complete the missed fasts, so give me the strength. If one truly desires to fast and feels pain for not doing so, and he cannot fast, angels will fast for him and he will not be deprived of the reward. If one makes excuses and does not feel sorry that he cannot fast and only cares about his health, he will not get any reward. If one has the intention and pain in his heart, he can get more reward than the original reward.” (Fatawa Ahmadiyya, p. 175)

Promised Messiah (as): “Those who are permanently sick, travelling, or mothers who know that they will not be able to fast, either because of being old or due to breast-feeding, they should not fast and should give Fidya. However, It is not proper that if one is able to fast, he only gives Fidya and does not fast at all.” (Fatawa Ahmadiyya, p. 183)

Hazrat Musleh Mau`ud (ra): “If one cannot fast due to some reason, he should try to feed one person. If he cannot do that, then the intention is enough. Whether he gave Fidya or not, he must complete the fast later, if he has the power to do so, because Fidya is due to not being able fast with everyone during the month. If one cannot fast then Fidya is in exchange for that. If one fasts and gives Fidya, he gets more reward. There are 2 types of excuses: temporary and permanent. He should give Fidya for both situations. When the excuse is no longer valid, he should complete the fasts. If the sickness or excuse is temporary and then later he decides to complete the fast but has fallen permanently ill, Fidya is sufficient.” (Abridged translation from Al-Fazl, 10th August 1945)

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