A Spiritually Fit Muslim Pays Zakat

Why we send Zakat reminders… 
“Hudhur said he wished to draw special attention towards payment of Zakat. Although Ahmadis are very generous in giving, one aspect of financial sacrifice is Zakat; which should be particularly heeded to. Hudhur said especially women who have jewelry, or those people who have savings over the course of one year perhaps do not pay as much attention as they should to payment of Zakat. March 30th, 2012.

Why now? 
Ramadan is a special time for spiritual fitness. Did you know that Zakat is due if you have more than $3500 in savings for over a year? Also if you own more than 87 grams of gold jewelry, Zakat is due on it. The rate of Zakat is 2.5%. Of course, these are oversimplified numbers meant to give you an approximate starting point. Read FAQs here or ask our respected Missionaries for specific guidance.

Two most common questions:

Should I pay Zakat on Jewelry which I use only a few times a year on special occasions?
“Jewelry which is used – there is no Zakat on it. Jewelry which is stored and used very seldom – one should give Zakat upon it.” (Fiqah Ahmadiyya, Vol 1, pp 360).

Is Zakat due on retirement fund (IRA or 401k)?
As discussed above, Zakat is not due on assets that are outside of a person’s access, so Zakat is not due on these funds as long as the money is not within access. In case the funds become accessible, Zakat will be due on them. (Fiqah Ahmadiyya, Vol 1, pp 369.)

Call to Action!
Calculate your Zakat, make a check payable to “Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam” today, and give it your local finance secretary at next Juma or Iftar. There is no guarantee that we’ll be around for the next Ramadan…