Why Salat?

Read the importance of Salat in the life of a Muslim

In his Friday sermon dated 20 Jan 2017, Khalifatul Masih V (aba) called upon us to focus on our Salat. Here are some points from the sermon.

  • The Holy Quran has drawn our attention towards five daily prayers by describing its importance at various places.
  • According to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Salat is the essence of prayers. He even said that abandoning Salat makes a man closer to disbelief and idolatry.
  • For a real believer, offering Salat is the only way to remove spiritual corrosion.
  • If you want to be saved from worldly calamities (such as potential war), then as the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) said, we will have to fall in love with the God who is Master of All Affairs. And Salat is the way for that.

From the Holy Qur’an:

….who observes Prayer and pays the Zakat; and those who fulfill their promise when they have made one, and the patient in poverty and afflictions and the steadfast in time of war; it is these who have proved truthful and it is these who are the God-fearing (2:178)

Verily, Prayer is enjoined on the believers to be performed at fixed hours (4:104)

From Hadith:

As a parable of the five daily prayers, Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If there was a river at a person’s door and he took a bath in it five times a day, can you believe that any dirt would be left on his body?”

“On the day of judgment, a person will be held accountable for Salat before everything else. If the measure (of Salat) is correct, then it means the person is successful and has been salvaged otherwise he will fail.”

From the words of Promised Messiah (as):

“Laziness only occurs when a person does not know the importance of Salat and he gives more importance to someone other than Allah. If he has complete faith in Allah, then how is it possible that he displays laziness.”

“Establishment of Salat and its punctuality are very important. So that it turns into an unbreakable habit and the thought of turning towards Allah becomes prevalent. After this the time gradually comes when a person inherits light and pleasure in complete isolation.”