SF Camps – All you need

What are Spiritual Fitness Camps?

SF Camps is a nationwide drive targeting youth ages 7-18 (both boys and girls). These are led by a local missionary and is an interactive program with involvement from the youth.

How many days should the camp be?

Ideally, SF Camps are 2-3 day programs, starting on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and running through the weekend. However, we do not want to miss out any youth from this program, so if you cannot arrange a weekend camp, please arrange what is best possible for you.

What do I need to do now?

Beginning of the year

SF dates are in the national calendar. This should help you use the dates for your camp without any other program conflicting with those dates. Make sure you block those days in your local calendar in the beginning of the year.

Work with the local or regional missionary ahead of time, so that you have the resources blocked for the program. Align the plans with local Qaid and Lajna President and seek their help in arranging the camp.

One month before the camp

The cost for SF Camps is borne by national Tarbiyat team. Make sure you plan and budget and get the budget approved. The budget is dependent on the number of youth who will attend.

Review the program contents (list) and get a good understanding of the program objectives.

Prepare detailed schedule. See sample here

Start Communicate with parents and youth and solicit their presence and support.

Form the SF Camp team. The team includes local / regional missionary, Lajna President, Qaid MKA and others you identify. Assign responsibilities.

Start student registration process

During Camp

Prepare everything before the starting day. First impression is the best impression! All logistics should be in place and the youth should feel at home when you come in.

Register every participant who is attending using the registration form.

Here are some useful documents that will help you with the camp

After Camp

Make sure ALL students do the camp survey

To achieve full reimbursement, >80% attendees must complete the survey

SF Camp Team

  • Local SF Camp Principal (may or may not be the local TarbiyyatSec.)
  • Assigned Missionary
  • Camp coordinator on Women’s side
  • Local volunteer teachers (work with assigned missionary to identify how many are needed for which tasks)
  • Registration, ziafat, clean up, mosque security teams
  • Logistics (supplies, PCs, needed books, camera to relay proceedings to Women’s side)
  • Administrator who will manage expenses and keep track of the receipts and budget
  • If possible to have one Doctor on hand as one of the volunteers during sports, that can be very handy. Otherwise at least a First Aid kit should be available

Reimbursement Process

  • National Tarbiyat Department will typically reimburse up to $10/student/day
  • Another $10/student can be reimbursed for a field trip. Students should contribute towards the difference if the field trip costs more than $10
  • Please obtain pre-approval before incurring any expense. Pre-Approval may be obtained by confirming your Camp dates and submitting a budget based on the formula $10 x Number of students attending the Camp x 2 (if it is a two-day Camp, multiply by 1 if it is one-day Camp, etc.). For budget approval please contact Ayaz ul Haque
  • Please have at least 80% of the attendees complete the survey in order to get reimbursement.
  • Complete Expense Report (sample)
  • Mail Expense Report with all receipts to expense.national.ahmadiyya.us


Q. What is the target age group for this camp?

A. The camp is open to Ahmadi Muslim youth. The junior camps are open to those ages 7-12; senior camps are aimed at youth ages 13-18.

Q. Is this a boys-only camp, or girls can also attend?

A. The camp should be open to both boys and girls. If girls are to be included, please make sure that Islamic traditions are meticulously followed, that girls receive equal opportunities, and that the local Lajna Sadr is involved in the decision-making process.

Q. Why can’t we develop our own program?

A. No changes to the program should be made as a lot of work, consultation, and best practices have gone into developing this program and it adequately addresses the challenges our youth face.

Q. What if we want to hold a weeklong Spiritual Fitness Camp?

A. The consensus from previous years’ participants is that weekend program is more focused and objective oriented. Therefore, all the plans have been made accordingly.

Q. Should we use the same program for a 12-year-old and an 18-year-old participant?

A. Use the provided “junior” program for the 7-12 year age group and the “senior” program for the 13-18 age group.

Q. Will we get any funding from the National Tarbiyat department?

A. Yes. If you submit a detailed, line item budget, and don’t have enough local funds to cover the cost, we will do our best to help you. We anticipate the cost of the camp to be around $10/per day/per participant.


Reach out to Ayaz-ul-Haq or Murabbi Tariq Ahmad if you have any questions or concerns.