SF Camps – Roles and Responsibilities

Okay, so you’ve decided to hold a Spiritual Fitness Camp. Before you begin, the first step is to assess the adequacy of your class site and facilities.

Next, for the Camp to run smoothly, please fill in all administrative positions below with an In-charge and a Na`ib, if necessary:

  • Principal
    • Ensure instructors start and finish each class session on time
    • Ensure timely Salat services (assign student mu`adhin and imam)
    • Ensure all students fill out surveys by the end of the camp
  • Information/Registration and Lost & Found
    • Provide necessary information to students/parents
    • Register all students at check-in
  • Class Set-up & Materials/Supplies
    • Sufficient number of Qur`ans for the students
    • A camera with video relay to the girls side
    • A computer with an Internet connection hooked up to a large screen
    • Internet-enabled computers or a library/set of books for finding references
    • Blank papers, pens/pencils, colouring materials (markers/crayons)
    • Awards/prizes and certificates
  • Discipline
    • Ensure class discipline (attendance, schedule, timing, cleanliness, etc.)
    • Monitor student attendance and behaviour (especially during breaks, sports, outings, etc.)
    • Ensure no student leaves the class premises without proper prior permission
  • Sports & Physical Fitness
    • Organize and arrange sports/physical fitness activities for all students
  • Security & First Aid
    • Provide quick response/first aid in case of emergency
  • Food Coordinator
    • Menu
    • Groceries/kitchen supplies
    • Cooking & serving
    • Ensure timely meal preparation/service
  • Cleaning
    • Classrooms
    • Kitchen/dining area
    • Bathrooms    
  • Treasurer
    • Bookkeeping & reimbursements


Other than the missionary, you will typically need 1-3 additional teachers on the boys’ side so that both age groups have a lead teacher and, if necessary, one teaching assistant. On the girls’ side, you will need 2-4 teachers so that, again, both age groups have a lead teacher and one teaching assistant, if necessary.

The structure of the teaching staff should look roughly like this, with a total of 4-8 teachers, including the missionary:

Junior Boys

  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

Senior Boys

  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

Junior Girls

  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

Senior Girls

  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

Fill one of the above slots with the missionary assigned to teach at your Camp, and the rest should be filled by local teachers. Well in advance, please communicate with your assigned missionary and come to a mutual agreement as to which classes he will be teaching and which age group he will be dealing with, and where he will require the assistance of local teachers.

Please ensure all teachers familiarize themselves with the Camp Program materials, particularly for the classes they will be teaching.