Spiritual Fitness Camp Summer 2020: Marriage Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Target Audience?
Ages 13-30

Why start at 13-years?
Hazoor (aba) has provided guidance to start the conversations of marriage at Miyaar-e-Kabir. For this reason, we are including everyone who this affects.

Is it For Boys or Girls?
This zoom SF camp is for both.

How Can I interact in the Program?
We have allocated over 70% of the session to an interactive format. The more YOU speak, the better it’ll be for everyone.

How Is Pardah Being Practiced in the sessions?
There will be no video display of either boys or girls. Both boys and girls can ask their questions via audio as well as in the chat box.

What if I Don’t Want To Share My Thoughts Openly?
That’s completely okay. You can share your thoughts anonymously in the chat box. We value and will honor confidentiality. We don’t need to know “who” said it. We just want “it” to be said.

Will This Be Recorded?
No. The wisdom behind this is that we want absolute confidentiality. We don’t want anyone else to record this either. It’s important for everyone to be able to share their thoughts candidly without fear of being put into the spotlight for it.

Can Parents join?
There’s a parents session with Amir sb on Sunday, June 28th. We encourage parents to ask questions that day.

Parents are also welcome to join on the first four days provided they remain committed to listening to the youth compassionately, pray for them, and don’t jump in the conversation.