In an age of atheism, why religion?

This episode of MTA‘s Faith Matters responds to questions of God’s existence and nature. We highly recommend this entire video to all Ahmadis, particularly high school and college-going students.

Question 1 @ 01:40  We pray sincerely knowing that when God answers these completely heartfelt unselfish non-materialistic prayers, it will glorify God and help millions of people in remarkable ways. Will anything happen?

Question 2 @ 12:30 If a person dies of accident or a natural disaster or something bad happens to a believer it is said that it was the plan of God and was for a reason and it is actually good. This pre-destined does not make sense to me and looks like is all imagination. Please comment.

Question 3 @ 20:55 If God was to exist, wouldn’t you expect there to be a huge benefit to those who follow and obey Him. Why do we instead see the opposite?

Question 4 @ 25:25 Is there a point to life before heaven, is there a purpose of life here? If God wants what’s best for everyone He could immediately place everyone in Heaven.

Question 5 @ 34:45 It is argued that people need to believe in God, because without God people will do bad things. The fact that religiously free societies with large proportions of atheists are generally more peaceful than otherwise is evident this perception is incorrect. However this does not mean atheist are implicitly peaceful. Please comment.

Question 6 @ 45:50 Why do we assume that God is good?

Question 7 @ 51:10 Who made the devil and why?

Question 8 @ 55:15 If God is all powerful, why does he permit people to suffer and children to starve to death?

The next video explores similar themes.

Question 1 @ 01:50 If God does not need anything, then why did He create anything? If God does not need our worship, then why did He create Jinn and Man to serve Him?

Question 2 @ 11:00 If God is aware of everything that is going to happen or not happen (i.e. pre-destined), how can then God “changes mind and does something else”? If not then He is not All-Knowing?

Question 3 @ 15:10 What are the justifications of different attributes of God?

Question 4 @ 32:45 How can I explain the concept of the existence of God to those who have a scientific bend of mind?

Question 5 @ 45:00 If God provides sustenance for all living things, as referenced by Holy Quran, then why do some people die of starvation? If we assume that the laws of nature and laws of shariah are entirely separate and have no connection with one another, then how can it be claimed that death and ailment, economic or financial calamities or natural disasters are punishments from God?

Here’s a great compilation of 20 videos, mostly from MKA UK, on why God exists.

We also highly recommend two books: Khalifatul Masih IV’s Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth, and Hadhrat Mirzah Bashir Ahmad’s Our God. Both are available online for free as PDFs.

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