Relationships & Marriage

MTA‘s Faith Matters tackles social issues including marriage and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

Question 1 @ 2:35 Is there any harm in wishing to marry some specific girl, whether your cousin or someone you know, and is there any harm in praying that all the obstacle in marrying this specific girl are removed?

Question 4 @ 27:50 Other religions allow to people have boyfriends and girlfriends. Why doesn’t Islam allow that?

Question 5 @ 37:15 Why does Islam implore the virtues of marriage as cornerstone to building the societies of future?

In this clip, Khalifatul Masih IV discusses why cousin marriages are allowed in Islam and, indeed, often encouraged.

In this episode of MTA‘s Faith Matters, learn about Islam’s position on forced marriages, polygamy, divorce and more.

Question 1 @ 01:55 What is the Islamic view on the forced marriages?

Question 2 @ 10:40 Since Quran permits Muslim men to marry more than one wife, what happens if the wife isn’t happy about her husband marrying another wife? Is it still allowed for man to go ahead and marry another wife?

Question 7 @ 42:00 What are the rights of divorce in Islam?

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