Hadith: “Whoever does not have the intention to fast before morning has no fast.” (Sunan Tirmidhi, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “A Fast is only considered valid for that person who has made a strong intention to fast before Fajr.” (Sunan Tirmidhi, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “Eat Sehri for there are blessings in eating Sehri.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “As long as people hasten in opening their fast, they will continue to receive the blessings and betterment thereof.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “The Jews and the Christians delay the opening of their fast. Muslims should not do this.” (Ibn Majah, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “As soon as there is darkness in the East and the day moves towards the West, and the sun disappears in the horizon, a person fasting should open his fast.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “Abi Aufaara says that I was once with Huzoorsa on a journey. After sunset, Huzoorsa told someone to bring something to open the fast with. The person told Huzoorsa to wait a little while till it gets darker. Huzoorsa said to bring the food. The person again answered that there is still light. Huzoorsa again said to bring the food. The person brought the food and after opening the fast Huzoorsa said that after sunset when you see darkness rising from the east, then open your fast. Do not look to the west to see if light has vanished or not.” (Sahih Muslims, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “When one wants to open a fast he should open it with a date because there are blessings in it. If this is not available then open it with water because it is a thing very pure.” (Sunan Tirmidhi, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “Whoever prepares the Iftaari, he will get the same reward as for fasting, but there will be no loss in reward for the one who fasted.” (Sunan Tirmidhi, Book of Fasting)

Hadith: “Whoever leaves a fast of Ramadan without any excuse, even if he fasts the rest of his life in exchange for the missed fast, he will not be able to make up for it nor will he be able to expiate the mistake.” (Musnad Darmi)

Hadith: “If a person who isfasting forgetfully eats or drinks, he should not become worried. This was a provision which Allah gave to him. He does not need to make up for the fast or offer any expiation.” (Dar Qutni, Book of Fasting)

Hazrat Musleh Mau`ud (ra): “In my opinion, there are some people who take fasting as something minor and leave it due to small things or excuses. Due to the mere thought that they will become sick, they leave fasting. This is no excuse to leave fasting because of the fear that they will become sick. One can leave fasting only in the condition that he is sick and sick to the extent that fasting is harmful. To leave a fast due to a sickness which is not affected by fasting is not acceptable.” (Al-Fazl, 11th April 1925)

Hazrat Musleh Mau`ud (ra): “Intention is necessary for fasting. Without it, there is no reward. Intention is from the heart. One is allowed to eat and drink till he sees light from the East. If one takes precautions and later he is told that light had already come out, his fast will still be valid. The time between the Holy Prophet’s (sa) eating of food and Fajr prayers was equal to that of reciting 50 verses.” (Al-Fazl, 28th July 1914)

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