Promised Messiah (as): “Whoever fasts while he is sick or is on a journey is disobedient to Allah because He has made it clear that such a person should not fast. When the person becomes healthy and completes the journey, he should fast. Salvation is only from blessings and cannot be achieved from pushing your own actions. The rule is general, there is no exact amount of travel or sickness. If a sick person or a person travelling fasts, it is necessary that a judgement of disobedience be put upon them.” (Badr, 17th October 1907)

Fiqh Ahmadiyya: There can be 4 conditions of fasting while on a journey:

  1. If the journey is in progress, whether it be on foot or otherwise, then you should not fast because in this condition leaving the fast is mandatory.
  2. If during a journey one needs to stay somewhere overnight and there is everything available and there is ease, then you are allowed to fast. It is upon you to fast or not. Even if you are staying there the entire day.
  3. If the journey begins after eating Sehri and finishes before the time for Iftaari, or believes that it will end before Iftaari time, then he can fast.
  4. If one is going to stay somewhere for 15 days or more, he should make preparations for Sehri and should fast. (pp. 289-290)


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