Here are the main action areas every Tarbiyat Secretary should be focusing on

Jumua drive: first friday of every month
Pick your children up from school and bring them to Jumua, first Friday of every month
Call, visit, and remind members who do not attend Jumua
Attach Establish personal relationships
Meet members, call them, help them (Holy Qur’an 2:261)
Build brotherhood with your Sadr, Missionary, Amila and Auxiliary heads
Salat Salat Ashra once every two months
Inspire Amila and all members to increase frequency of Salat at the masjid
Establish Salat centers to promote habit of congregational Salat
Sermons / MTAShare friday sermons with members
Find ways to increase MTA viewership in your Jama’at
Islahee CommitteeLocal islahee committee to meet once every two months
Address issues, not individuals; Work together, not in silos
Sniff out social ailments well before they become manifest illnesses (Friday Sermon May 6, 1994)
Tahir AcademyEstablish tahir academy if your jama’at has >10 boys and girls
Support Local Tahir Academy local administration
Funding provided by National Tarbiyat Department
Spiritual Fitness CampHold spiritual fitness camp for members 7-18 years of age
Interactive, hands-on learning format
Jun 22/23 or Aug 17/18
Funding provided by National Tarbiyat Department