“Sometimes the reason is that organization of Jama’at is not drawing their attention towards this matter. And that the organization has other preferences. Firstly, not everyone listens to my sermons. To conclude that 100% members listen to the Friday Sermon is wrong. And even if they listen, the responsibility still lies with the organization to constantly remind. The very reason behind establishing a system is to give attention to moral training. A few days ago, I had a meeting with a local Majlise Aamla. The President told me that ever since he has taken the position, he has given a lot of attention to financial matters. And now they are excelling in it very rapidly. So I said that this effort is well and good. But when I enquired what have they done for Salat, which is a fundamental and obligatory commandment for Muslims, he remained silent. Although, when I enquired about presence at Fajr and Isha, the numbers that came up were promising. However, it wasn’t due to the organizational efforts. If we have such worshippers who say prayers full of pleasure and delight, then financial system will be improved by itself. Because as a person’s standard of righteousness rises, he gives more attention to financial sacrifice. Not only this but the issues involving Internal Affairs and Qaza will be resolved to a great extent. And rest of the departments will become active too provided everyone offers their prayers properly.

“The Jama’at organization should also keep reminding people about congregational prayers. I keep drawing Jamaat’s attention towards this subject in my sermons in one way or the other. But this is the responsibility of missionaries and the organization to take it from there and disseminate my instructions to draw people’s attention towards it. They should convey the message of the importance of congregational prayer over and over again to each member of Jama’at.” Friday Sermon Jan 20, 2017. 

“Salat cannot be acceptable before Allah the Almighty unless it is offered in congregation (by males) except than that a person is sick or disabled.”
– Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra), 1946. Quoted from English translation of Sabil-ur-Rashad Vol I, which is a collection of addresses to members of Majlis Ansārullāh by Khulafā-i-Aḥmadiyyat.

“We should bear in mind the Promised Messiah’s desire that prayers should be offered in congregation and that our mosques should be full of worshippers. Today by the grace of Allāh mosques are being built everywhere, but sometimes I receive reports that they are not full of worshippers as they should be. Ahmadīs in Pakistan, India and other countries should also strive in this regard.”- Hadhrat Khalifatul V, Friday Sermon Sep 18, 2015

“Wherever it is not possible to go to Masjid, a few Ahmadis living close by should organize to get together in one home to offer prayers in congregation.” – Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V June 22nd, 2012