Salat Centers

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih has repeatedly urged members to establish congregational prayers in mosques, homes and local salat centers. In 2013, a Majlis-e-Shura proposal was approved stating in part, “Encourage members to regularly offer congregational salat in mosques/salat centers (especially if they live within 15-20 minute drive time) or at homes.”

Therefore, we are launching a nationwide campaign to establish Salat centers for members to establish congregational Salat in local Jama’ats.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding this initiative.

1. What is a Salat Center?

A local mosque or member’s home where a minimum of 2 Ahmadis Muslims, living within 10-15 minute drive time, gather to say at least one congregational prayer during most weekdays. An Ahmadi Muslim family saying congregational salat at home, while commendable, does not meet this definition.

2. In the beginning, which prayer (s) should be established at these Salat Centers?

This is up to the local membership. You can start gathering for any congregational prayer that is agreed upon by the local members.

3. Can women and children participate in these Salat Centers?

While it’s not mandatory, we do not exclude women/children from this blessing. If the female members of the host family are willing, there is no prohibition. If you must bring kids with you, make sure they observe discipline. Leaving kids to run around and create disorder will jeopardize the success of your center.

4. Who should oversee this initiative at the local level?

It’s the responsibility of Jama’at Tarbiyat secretary to implement this initiative under the guidance of local Jama’at President.

5. Can Majlis Ansarullah or Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya establish such centers for their members?
We encourage the whole Jama’at to come together and support these centers established under the Jamaat structure.

6. How many Salat Centers should we have in our Jama’at?
This varies from Jama’at to Jama’at. But in our experience, approximately one center is required for every 30 members.

7. Is there a goal and a timeline to establish these centers?
Our goal is to establish 300 Salat Centers (including mosques) in 100 days (by Dec 31, 2017).

8. How do we select the Imam to lead prayers at these Salat Centers? 

According to Holy Prophet (sa) males who have memorized a large part of the Quran, or those who are senior, or those whose level of righteousness is high should be preferred to lead Salat. However, this decision can be made after consulting with the local Tarbiyat Secretary / President.

9. What are the golden rules to making such a Salat Center a success?

Members should:

  • Perform wudhu at their own homes and proceed to the salat center.
  • Come on time, not too early, but never late. Prayers should start on time without waiting for people to show up. Please don’t call the host saying you’re “just five minutes away.”
  • Leave immediately after prayers. Do not expand the scope of this program.

Members should not:

  • Invite people without the knowledge of local Tarbiyat Secretary or Jamaat president.
  • Offer any meal or refreshments before or after prayers. It can set a precedent and become a burden for someone else offering their up their own location as a Salat Center.
  • Add additional items to Salat. Sustaining a dars, Q/A sessions, discussions or refreshments becomes very difficult in the long run.

10. What is the responsibility of the Salat Center host?

Provide a clean space and notify members ahead of time if you have a scheduling conflict or would be out of town for any reason.

11. Can we establish a salat center close to our local mosque?

We recommend that you don’t establish another salat center within a 10-15 minute of driving time from your local mosque. Mosques serve as our first local salat center and should be given priority.

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