Parent’s Role:

  1. Please bring your children at least 5 minutes before the school starts.   
  2. Students need to observe proper dress code mentioned under “uniform” section.
  3. Please ensure that students have school supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, etc.

Student’s Role:

  1. No electronic devices in class rooms.
  2. Follow teacher’s instructions at all times.
  3. Help in clean up after class and do not leave without offering Zuhr prayers.
  4. During lunch, please finish what you put in your plate and eat with your right hand.
  5. Before and immediately after Salat, refrain from playing and running.
  6. Please take your belongings with you at dismissal.


Local Jamaats should first use the pre-allocated “children class” budget towards Tahir Academy. If more funds are needed, each Tahir Academy can then submit a separate funding request – every year – using this online form. Please follow all the directions on this form to avoid processing delays. Tarbiyat Department USA will review and then reach one of the following two conclusions within a week:

  1. More information is required to justify the expense.
    2. The expenses are justified and your request will be forwarded to the National Finance department.

Final approval for funding may take up to six weeks.

Once approved, the receipts and local expenses are to be submitted by the local finance secretary directly to National Finance department for reimbursements.

Field trips

At least 1-2 field trips are recommended. Limited funding is available for field trips. However we ask that you submit a separate funding request for field trip only when a precise count of students participating is determined and the projected expenses calculated.

Parents can be asked to contribute in case National subsidy is insufficient to cover the total cost. However, no student should be left behind due to lack of funds.


Boys should wear a Tahir Academy Polo Shirt, Atfal Cap, Atfal Scarf, Black Pants and use an Atfal Class Bag. The Tahir Academy Polo Shirt can be ordered HERE. The Atfal Class Package can be ordered HERE.

Girls are required to wear loose fitting, modest clothing with proper head cover.

Students should refrain from wearing outfits that are adorned with pictures of animals or human beings in any form or display profane language. This particularly pertains to music bands and celebrity shirts.