Thanks to the dedicated teams of Lajna Imaillah USA and Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya USA, we now have a unified national syllabus for Atfal and Nasirat in the United States. This will eliminate the need to follow different syllabi for Atfal and Nasirat.

Since Tahir Academy is “the home of Atfal and Nasirat,” we are requesting all Tahir Academies nationwide to start transitioning to this unified national syllabus.

This work was done under the blessings and prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih.

Top 10 Features of National Tahir Academy Syllabus

  1. The national syllabus has been designed to provide one standard foundation for Atfal and Nasirat. It is adapted from the 2011 Waqfe Nau Syllabus. Basics of Religious Education (BRE) is the major “source text,” in addition to others.
  2. The national syllabus allows small and large Jamaats to combine or divide “levels” according to their local needs.
  3. One period of equal duration should be allocated for each level and Auxiliary meeting.
  4. Page numbers in the column titled “Reference” refer to the Basics of Religious Education book.
  5. All questions pertaining to execution or content of syllabus should first be discussed in the local Board. Please do not change the content of this syllabus without consulting with National Team. If the Board needs further clarification, please contact us at the National Tarbiyat Department by emailing
  6. The syllabus is designed to be taught in three terms during a year.
  7. Students can be grouped together in a class based on competency instead of age.
  8. Bonus section is added for extra credits for high achieving students.
  9. Detailed workbooks to supplement this syllabus will be developed in the future, inshallah.
  10. You can go over the detailed syllabus by clicking here.


Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya USA,
Lajna Imaillah USA and the National Tarbiyat Department USA