1. Gather the sizes and number of shirts required along with payments from parents. Available sizes are: Youth Small (7-9), Youth Medium (10-12), Youth Large (14-16), Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult X-Large, Adult X-X-Large.
You can use this form to collect orders locally from parents: http://islaminbaltimore.org/2014/07/02/tahir-academy-t-shirt-order-form/
Note: This vendor’s shirt sizes tend to be on the smaller side. For example, a 6 year old child would need a youth size instead of any of the child sizes. We highly recommend that you call the vendor to clarify the sizes before placing the order.
2. Place your order by sending an email to Aun (aun@snpink.com) at Stitches N Prints, Inc., with a copy to Iqbal Rana Sahib (iqbalrana@outlook.com), Asim Ansari Sahib (ansari1300@gmail.com), and Hammad Ahmad Sahib (hammad.ahmad@ahmadiyya.us).
3. In the order, please clearly state the number of each size of shirts you require, along with your branch of Tahir Academy (Baltimore, Dallas, etc.) so that the Tahir Academy logo along with the name of your branch appears on the shirt.
4. Cost is $12-14 per shirt, depending on the quantity being ordered. The invoice will be sent to the person ordering and copied to Iqbal Rana Sahib and Asim Ansari Sahib. Payment will be due immediately upon receipt of invoice.
Payment via credit card is accepted, albeit with a 3% credit card processing fee. Payment via check is also accepted and carries no additional processing fee.

Vendor Information

Contact person: Aun
Stitches N Prints, Inc.
16009 S. Broadway
Gardena, CA 90248
Off: (310) 366-7537
Fax: (310) 366-7507
Cell: (310) 308-1060

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