In the last 100 days of the year, our target is to set up / revitalize 300 Salat centers nationwide. Every one of our members should have access to a Salat Center within 10 min drive.

By the sheer grace and mercy of Allah Almighty, there is a motivation in USA towards construction of mosques, but the benefit can only be derived when the mosques are utilized in their full right i.e. to populate them with those obedient servants of God who offer prayers in congregation. Many people are occupied at work during the daytime, however fajr, maghrib and isha prayers can be offered at Masjid. Many Ahmadis living in the Western countries live 15-20 miles from Masjid, but still make the effort to go to Masjid to offer salat in congregation. If everyone who possesses a car utilizes it for worldly matters, uses it for gaining God’s please, then the purpose of these vehicles will become the service of Islam and the individual will gain both worldly and religious rewards. Wherever it is not possible to go to Masjid, a few Ahmadis living close by should organize to get together in one home to offer prayers in congregation.

Khalifatul Masih al Khamis. Friday Sermon dated 22 Jun 2012

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